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Necklace Collections

Botanical Necklaces Botanical
Beautiful exotic nuts and seeds combined with natural beads such as amber, bone, naga shell, sponge coral, pumtek and semi-precious gems make these very unique pieces.

Eclectic Necklaces Eclectic
Unexpected bead combinations create these eclectic designs. Mixing materials that would not ordinarily be used in combination make these necklaces standouts.

Exotic Necklaces Exotic
Antique pendants, amulets, and charms from faraway places mixed with beads such as glass, coral, and semi-precious gems, make-up this collection. Their beautiful patina is evidence of being traded around the world and their remarkable history.

Frog Necklaces Frog
Frog pendants are mixed with various bead combinations to make up this fun collection. They are sure to be a hit with frog lovers.

Offbeat Necklaces Offbeat
Offbeat pendants are what make up this collection. The odd piece that was just luckily happened upon. These are mixed with an assortment of beads or neck wires to create a conversation piece. Many of these pendants are created from something that was used originally for another purpose.

Tibetan Necklaces Tibetan
Gorgeous pendants, amber, carnelian, naga shell, Sherpa coral, prayer beads, pumtek and other unusual Tibetan material create a stunning collection reminiscent of the past.

Timeless Necklaces Timeless
Classic design and materials make up this collection. Semi-precious gems, coral, glass, vintage lucite and crystals, are combined to create something special.

Turquoise Necklaces Turquoise
Choice turquoise, some very rare, though mixed with other material, stand alone in making this a spectacular group of necklaces.

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